Our Story

In addition to having the best exercise equipment and best fitness classes, we/Mike wanted to create a workout facility that is truly unique to Maine where someone feels that they are getting their workout in the middle of the Maine woods. Thus, we found ten acres of wooded land right in Scarborough and built Foley's Fitness Center on two acres right in the middle of this forest. We decided to put in high ceilings rising to over 30 feet with plenty of windows allowing the natural light to come in while seeing the beautiful trees. Come check it out and see what you think of this Maine atmosphere.

Our Mission

Foley's Fitness Center provides the best exercise and nutritional programs allowing each member to achieve their fitness and health goals in an energetic and friendly environment.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life for each member by providing a facility that allows them to achieve their fitness and health goals.

Our Values

The only reason we exist is because of our members.

We empower each member to achieve their maximum goals.

We are kind, treating everyone with dignity and respect.

We strive to provide an environment that is clean with everything in order.


Our passionate leadership team wants to improve the quality of life for all our members with the proper exercise program and proper nutritional plan.

Mike Foley

Mike Foley

Owner, Nutritionist & Trainer

For over the last three decades I've worked in the fitness industry. I have counseled and trained over 20,000 clients. Foley's Fitness Center is truly a place for everybody. I have worked with customers of all fitness levels, including those struggling with serious health conditions.

We look forward to working with you and showing exactly how Foley's "Does Fitness Better!"

Joe Doherty

Joe Doherty

Partner / Chief Operations Officer

Joe served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years, 11 years enlisted and nine as a Naval Officer. His expertise was in Operations: Command, Control and Communications. He followed his military service with a 20 year career as an Information Technology business executive, leading multi-billion dollar businesses. His career has taken him to 54 Countries and 49 of the 50 States.

Throughout his life, Joe has been committed to a healthy lifestyle through a disciplined physical fitness and nutritional regimen. Joining ranks with Mike Foley and his passion for fitness and community has reinvigorated Joe and guided him to be a member of this unique culture and world-class fitness center.

Catherine DeRocchi

Catherine DeRocchi

Gym Manager

Catherine's background in review has had her spending the last 10 years working in healthcare with her most recent position as a clinical supervisor of a local endocrinology practice. She was responsible for planning, directing, and overseeing operations and fiscal health of the practice. As is one of her many positive attributes, she had a strong focus on process improvement and developing her staff to meet the high level of ethical and professional standards.

Catherine, always transparent and honest with herself and others, would tell us that she has not always been "into fitness" and has previously struggled with her weight and self-image. "I always admired people who were physically fit and devoted to living a healthy lifestyle, but I could not seem to get there myself." This has all changed since Catherine joined the gym and was introduced to weightlifting. "I absolutely fell in love with the gym atmosphere and how lifting made me feel both physically and mentally stronger." Catherine enjoys being around others who share similar health and fitness goals and strongly believes it should be incorporated into everyone's lifestyle.