Register for fun group fitness classes in Scarborough, ME

Remaining physically active is key to living a happy, healthy life - but not everyone needs the same types of workouts or enjoys the same types of fitness classes. That's why Foley's Fitness Center provides such a wide variety of fitness classes. If you're an Olympic weightlifter who needs access to optimized weight training equipment or a schoolteacher looking for a fun, relaxing yoga class, you're sure to love our gym.

Stop by today to sign up for a fitness training class, or to check out our weight training equipment. No matter what type of fitness you're into, we have the resources you need. We'll help you learn the ropes from the ground up.

It's time to GET FIT!

Foley's Fitness Center in Scarborough, ME can help you reach new levels of fitness. You can improve your fitness at our gym by:

  • Working with a personal trainer
  • Participating in group fitness classes
  • Lifting weights or using cardio equipment
  • Creating a personalized nutrition program

Come by our gym today to sign up for a fitness training session with a personal trainer.