Will Chapman

My passion for weight training and general fitness stems from a diverse sports background. Always challenging myself and pushing myself to be better, I bring that same mindset as a personal trainer. I fell in love with showing people that training the body is directly connected to feeling better mentally.

Starting my career at Foley's Fitness Center has been amazing, it is a state of the art facility with a great community. I take pride in being a friendly, upbeat individual, but don't think that means I won't be pushing you to surpass your limits! As your personal trainer I will design a personalized program for you and we can start pursuing your fitness goals together. Instead of waiting until tomorrow, message me right now and let's set up a free consultation!
- ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
- CPR and BLS Certified

Phone: (207) 423-8705
Email: willchapfitness@gmail.com

Al Mitima

Originally from Congo, Africa, Al and his family moved to the United States in 2002. He was raised on the soccer field, and played until his high school years when he made the transition to American football. Al began strength training and muscle building his senior year of high school,
and built a passion for fitness and exercise. In 2014, Al became certified as a personal trainer and kettlebell fitness instructor through Body by John, where he trained clients for 3 years. His experience in bodybuilding, strength training, and powerlifting provide him with the tools needed to offer safe and effective training programs for any stage in the fitness journey.

Phone: (207) 749-6289
Email: mitima@mail.com

Andrew Waite

Greetings everyone my name is Andrew Waite! I'm passionate about empowering my clients to achieve their goals. I'm eager to share my knowledge and love of living a healthy lifestyle which includes but is not limited to exercise. Together we will create a personalized plan that includes physical training, nutritional guidance, and uncovering limiting psychological beliefs that may have been preventing you from achieving your fitness goals In the past. I'm extremely motivated to help you reach fitness goals ranging from bodybuilding, powerlifting, strength and conditioning, fat loss, athletic sport improvement, or general health optimization.

My personal training history began with sport competition, primarily combat sports. I started lifting weights for athletic improvement, and quickly fell in love with natural bodybuilding and powerlifting. With combining intelligent training, proper nutrition, and mental visualization techniques I've created a methodology that has brought me personal success. I'm committed to sharing this methodology with you to bring about a greater level of success into your own life.

Schedule a 1 on 1 session at Foley's Fitness Center, and as your trainer, I will be personally accessible to you with my direct contact information to hold you accountable inside and outside of the gym.

I'm very excited to meet you and be your personal guide on the path towards sustainable

Phone: 207-405-8573

Cathy Anastasio

Fitness, coaching, and teaching have always been passions of Cathys. Every day, she is committed to showing her clients that a healthy lifestyle is balanced between a well-rounded diet and exercise. She provides clients with positive, energetic, and fast-paced sessions. She understands that every client is unique and so are their needs, which is why each session is planned around the needs of the client. Together, you will work on breaking down barriers and getting real results.

Cathy is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, as well as CPR, AED, and first aid certified. She has been doing individual and small group training for over 25 years. She is excited to help anyone who is working to achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

Phone: 207-332-7368
Email: cacathyann278@gmail.com

Dana Benger

Dana has been a part of the health and fitness world for many years. She has her Bachelor's of Science in Exercise and Movement Science from the University of Vermont. Over the years, she has worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, specializing in lifestyle fitness and chronic conditions (Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, SCI, etc).

Dana has always had a passion for health and fitness and loves to share that passion with others. Among many things, she believes in accountability and a
positive mindset. Dana loves to push herself to new levels, whether inside or outside of the gym, as she has found that she is always happiest when she is challenging herself in some way. She prides herself in being a lifelong learner, and truly believes that hard work is never wasted.

Email: dana.benger@gmail.com

Hannah Allen

My name is Hannah and I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I have a background in competitive swimming and softball and have coached youth sport teams for many years. Growing up, I always struggled with body positivity and ultimately caused myself to struggle with an eating disorder. The road to recovery was a bumpy one and I constantly tried finding role models in the fitness community to motivate myself, but could never find someone that quite looked like me. So, I became that person. I began studying body mechanics and how our mental health impacts our physical health. My goal is to help as many people as possible become both physically and mentally healthier and ultimately feel comfortable in their own skin, because when it comes down to it, that's what it's all about! Nobody should have to go through their journey alone and I would love to be apart of yours!
- NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Phone: (207) 298-0047
Email: keeponsmiling39@gmail.com
IG: hannahallen39

Pamela J. Bither

Pam knows how to make and keep fitness fun. As a nationally accredited personal trainer for 25+ years, Pam knows there is no single approach that works for everyone. She continues to educate herself to provide the most comprehensive program that complements each individual. Pam is a firm believer in strengthening to stay injury-free through balance and coordination. Her unique techniques of training have helped support her active lifestyle, from fitness competitions to running NY and Boston marathons numerous times to hiking the White Mountains to the Grand Canyon. Pam's knowledge of the human body shows in all her training sessions.
Pam is nationally accredited through AFAA Certified Health and Wellness Coach, certified KBC Kettlebell instructor in addition to BLS and AED certified.
"Be healthy be fit be you."

IG: pambither
Phone: 207-671-5304

Andreea Buzan

My name is Andreea Buzan and I am from Europe, Romania,Transylvania (Dracula's region). I am in the fitness industry over 5 years and it's still my biggest passion. I worked in Romania in several gyms, with all types of people. I recently moved in Maine, OOB and I love the place and the people. Since I knew myself I loved to motivate the people around me, and unlock their potential of becoming the highest version of themselves. I love working with people and all types of needs. I am a very understanding and patient person.

I am a certified PT (Level 1 and Level 2) in Romania. The school that I attended is Fitness Scandinavia. The certificate is available in Europe, USA and United Arab Emirates. My passions are to go out at the beach, hiking, working out, reading and doing shootings. I am a cancer and also love spiritual stuff and astrology. My favorite workout is legs and glutes, my favorite snack is banana and blueberry with peanut butter. My favorite movie is Ice Age and I love dogs and cats.

I believe that through a right fitness journey, you get one of the most important lessons. To love and accept yourself as you are! To embrace your body and make the best version of it. You learn to be YOU and actually love it.

I always go by this motto : "Mindset its everything. If you can convince the mind, the body will follow "!

Phone: 207-710-3114
Email: andreea.buzan21@yahoo.com

Jennifer Lawrence

Jen is a dedicated fitness professional with a passion for improving client health, wellness, and quality of life. Her 25+ years of experience training with a diverse clientele has been invaluable in her growth and skill in helping people achieve their goals. Her clients have taught her how to find a way around any challenge and to appreciate that everyone's journey is unique.

Jen enjoys working with clients with a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles to achieve their fitness, weight loss, and strength training goals. Staying focused and present with each person is a must in order to learn what motivates and drives them to stay on their path to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which is often life-changing. A fitness trainer's job is to listen and lead. When done correctly, health and fitness become a permanent life-changing transformation that is not only rewarding to clients but to Jen as well.

Jen has a BA in Psychology from the University of Southern Maine with a minor in exercise physiology. She has APEX certification as a personal trainer and nutritionist. She is a certified KBC kettlebell instructor and World Gym Athletics certified, in addition to CPR and AED certified.

Phone: 207-831-4338
Email: Jen4fitness@gmail.com

Noah Nicholas

Noah is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a passion for helping people reach their goals both physically and mentally. His journey began when he went to college, where he fell in love with exercise and healthy nutrition habits. Because fitness had such a positive impact on his life, he decided to become a personal trainer so that he can help better others' lives in a positive way.

After becoming a certified trainer, Noah worked as an Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Maine at Farmington. This gave him experience in training college students and enhancing athletes' performance through strength training and injury prevention. He also instructed group fitness classes and trained clients one-on-one at the university's fitness center. It's so rewarding seeing clients crush their personal goals, which is why he loves what he does. Noah believes in sustainable results and making fitness fun. He enjoys customizing programs that clients will enjoy and helping them get results while still loving life!

IG: noahnicholasfit
Phone: 207-891-8719
Email: noahnicholasfit@gmail.com

Adam Parsons

I fell in love with exercise and personal health while transforming my body. Trained in
all aspects of weight training, I bring my personal experience to assist you on your
personal journey to greatness. As I pass on my knowledge to you, I am honored to
share in the experience of you reaching each well earned goal. Through education and
experience I bring the energy until you can find your own. Together, let's strive to set
the goals you are trying to achieve and then surpass them. Your inner greatness is
waiting, let's set it free.

Email: fivestair@gmail.com
Phone: 763-222-9876
Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, CPR/AED

Skip Robinson

Skip Robinson, a United States Marine Corps veteran, taught science, social studies, and health in the Portland Public School System for 34 years. He taught Weight Training and Health at the University of Southern Maine for 11 years, a course he designed to prepare students to become personal trainers. He served as a member of the Governor's Council On Fitness and Sports. Skip was a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifting Champion, with such titles as two time Mr. World and Mr. America class winner. With certifications as a Master Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and a Sports Nutritionist through ACE, AFAA, and AMFPT. Skip, is certified to work with all levels from novice to professionals. With over 50 years of experience in the fitness field, his passion for fitness burns brighter than ever and he is driven to help everyone-especially you-to achieve fitness goals in mind, body, and spirit.

Phone: 207-318-6757
FB:Skip Robinson
IG: skip_robinson

Nick White

Nick's passion for strength & conditioning all started with athletics from a young age. A standout athlete in highschool in Maine, Nick earned an athletic scholarship to throw shot put and discus at the University Of Rhode Island. He had continued success as an athlete and eventually was named captain in his senior year. While at the University of Rhode Island, Nick studied Exercise science and was exposed to some of the best and current technologies and methodologies used in exercise science. In his senior year he was given the opportunity to intern in the Varsity weight room and help coach his peers in his free time. This is where Nick learned a lot of the methods he uses to this day on how to coach all levels of athletes in the summer of his senior year Nick had the opportunity to intern at a local performance and wellness gym, Momentum Performance. Here is where Nick got the opportunity to see the private sector aspect of strength & conditioning. He was able to work and shadow clients of all walks of life including Olympic level athletes, stroke survivors, a client with cerebral palsy, and just your everyday gym goers. Nick has a bachelor's degree in exercise science, is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), and is AED and CPR certified. His goal is to help every level of Foley's gym members learn to move more efficiently and tap their true potential strength and health. Nick will be offering 1 on 1 and group training as well as online programming.

Phone: 207-939-9148
Email: white.nick207@gmail.com
IG: Nickwhite90

Lex Clark

Lex Clark has a broad background in exercise science, human movement, neuroscience, and physiology. She graduated with her B.S. in Exercise Science from University of New England in 2020, and is currently a student at Tufts University working towards her Doctorate in Physical Therapy where she will graduate in December 2022. Lex fell in love with movement during her time as a cross country runner throughout high school and became particularly interested in human performance as she continued her running career in college. Lex has continued in her own running career to score among the top athletes in her age group in the 10k and half marathon distances and she is driven to continuously reach new levels in her performance. Lex has had the opportunity to work with a broad range of athletes, including ultra-marathoners, marathoners, triathletes, mixed-martial arts athletes, and lacrosse players. Lex is passionate about human physiology and is always seeking learning opportunities to help clients recognize key concepts about their bodies and how to optimize not only their physical performance, but their mental performance as well. Due to this passion, Lex discovered the power of breathing as being a foundational concept to bring performance to the next level. She has received certifications by the following: The Art of Breath, Oxygen Advantage, and Wim Hof. Lex is excited to work with driven athletes that are interested in achieving new heights in their athletic performance.

Phone: 207-233-3567
Email: coachlexc@gmail.com

Chris Goulet

Chris is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Health Coach, and has a Bachelor's
of Science in Sports Medicine. Chris has over 20 years of experience in training clients and
specializes in functional bodybuilding, strength training, mobility, youth strength training and improving his clients
quality of life.
Contact Chris today to start training with him!

IG: @gouletfitnesstraining
Email: gouletchris@hotmail.com


Kristi O'Donnell


My name is Kristi O’Donnell and I am an ACE certified personal trainer and group exercise
instructor. I graduated college with a BS degree in Kinesiology (the study of human movement).
I have been a multi-sport athlete my entire life. After high school, I played Division I field hockey
and was selected as a Regional Team All-American my junior and senior year. I come to Foley’s
Fitness with over a decade of experience working with clients on building healthy lifestyles in
and out of the gym. Our mental well-being is just as important as our physical well-being.
I believe in a functional strength training philosophy, quality over quantity, and the importance of
the mind-muscle connection.
Phone: 207-318-1773
Email: k_knights24@hotmail.com 
: @themainefitchick