Jennifer Lawrence

Jen is a dedicated fitness professional with a passion for improving client health, wellness, and quality of life. Her 25+ years of experience training with a diverse clientele has been invaluable in her growth and skill in helping people achieve their goals. Her clients have taught her how to find a way around any challenge and to appreciate that everyone's journey is unique.

Jen enjoys working with clients with a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles to achieve their fitness, weight loss, and strength training goals. Staying focused and present with each person is a must in order to learn what motivates and drives them to stay on their path to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which is often life-changing. A fitness trainer's job is to listen and lead. When done correctly, health and fitness become a permanent life-changing transformation that is not only rewarding to clients but to Jen as well.

Jen has a BA in Psychology from the University of Southern Maine with a minor in exercise physiology. She has APEX certification as a personal trainer and nutritionist. She is a certified KBC kettlebell instructor and World Gym Athletics certified, in addition to CPR and AED certified.

Phone: 207-831-4338
Email: Jen4fitness@gmail.com

Stephanie Hamlyn

Stephanie is a Certified Personal Trainer who partners with her clients and helps them build a strong foundation within the body. Utilizing multiple techniques, Stephanie tailors each program to the wants and needs of her clients. Stephanie strives to help clients reach their fitness and health goals and her personal mission is to listen, coach, teach, and support them in building the best version of themselves.

After having her two amazing kids, Stephanie found her passion for fitness when she decided that health needed to take priority for herself and her family. She trained herself, lost over 100 pounds, and continues to push beyond her comfort zone to generate personal and professional growth for herself.

Stephanie holds a National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification and is currently working on her Performance Enhancement Specialist certification. Additionally, she holds a certification for CPR and AED. She also enjoys teaching HIIT Classes and Boot Camps in group settings. Stephanie is training as a Natural Figure Competitor and lives by the motto "You're Stronger Than You Know".

IG: @pxriseup
Phone: 207-703-5360
Email: pxriseup@gmail.com

Cathy Anastasio

Fitness, coaching, and teaching have always been passions of Cathys. Every day, she is committed to showing her clients that a healthy lifestyle is balanced between a well-rounded diet and exercise. She provides clients with positive, energetic, and fast-paced sessions. She understands that every client is unique and so are their needs, which is why each session is planned around the needs of the client. Together, you will work on breaking down barriers and getting real results.

Cathy is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, as well as CPR, AED, and first aid certified. She has been doing individual and small group training for over 25 years. She is excited to help anyone who is working to achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

Phone: 207-332-7368
Email: cacathyann278@gmail.com

Marshall Wilson

Marshall's fitness journey began freshman year of high school when he realized fitness helped him push through mental, physical, and emotional barriers. He never looked back.
Personal training has always been a passion of his and he believes that everyone should experience the rewards of a quality workout throughout their life.

He became a personal trainer because he wants to help people benefit from physical fitness through the work they put in. He is certified through ISSA and also has a CPR certification. He believes that nothing is more rewarding than seeing clients accomplish their goals, and that is his main goal.

Phone: 239-233-2742
Email: Marshallwilson8@yahoo.com

Kelsey Martel

Kelsey was an athlete all throughout high school. Her field hockey coach encouraged her to get strong in the weight room, which is when she discovered her passion for lifting weights. She began seriously training in her 20's when she found CrossFit. CrossFit brought structure and routine into her life and changed the way she viewed physical fitness.

Kelsey began personal training in 2016 and has been working with clients ever since. She believes that at its core, fitness should be about functional longevity. She loves finding out "what her body can do" and thinks that the options are limitless. Kelsey has her CrossFit Level 1 certification, her USA Weightlifting Level 1 certification, as well as being CPR certified.

Phone: 207-614-4657
Email: kelsey.martel@gmail.com

Noah Nicholas

Noah is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a passion for helping people reach their goals both physically and mentally. His journey began when he went to college, where he fell in love with exercise and healthy nutrition habits. Because fitness had such a positive impact on his life, he decided to become a personal trainer so that he can help better others' lives in a positive way.

After becoming a certified trainer, Noah worked as an Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Maine at Farmington. This gave him experience in training college students and enhancing athletes' performance through strength training and injury prevention. He also instructed group fitness classes and trained clients one-on-one at the university's fitness center. It's so rewarding seeing clients crush their personal goals, which is why he loves what he does. Noah believes in sustainable results and making fitness fun. He enjoys customizing programs that clients will enjoy and helping them get results while still loving life!

IG: noahnicholasfit
Phone: 207.891.8719
Email: noahnicholasfit@gmail.com

James Barlow

James was born and raised in Manchester, England, and moved to the U.S. to play collegiate soccer where he graduated from Saint Joseph's College of Maine with a Bachelor's in Exercise Science. James is ACSM certified and U.S. Army trained as he incorporates military training with specialized fitness protocol to his workouts. James' philosophy is centered around intelligent weight training, circuit training, powerlifting, and high-intensity interval training. He is a very good motivator and will push your comfort level safely to reach your goals. When James isn't training clients, you will find him teaching classes or getting his own workouts in on the main floor. James says, "I'm not a walk in the park, but I'll get you where you need to be."

Phone: 207-233-4030
Email: JamesBarlow472@gmail.com

Lee Nelson

You may know Lee Nelson from his 30+ years as a TV anchor in Portland, but you may not know about his lifelong passion for fitness. Lee was a high school athlete in the Boston area, and then really got into lifting weights at Syracuse University. He taught Shotokan Karate for years, and he's coached basketball and football. He still plays basketball, and he's an avid cyclist.

Lee has been weight training consistently for 40 years, and ten years ago he got his ACE Personal Training Certification. Five years ago (with guidance from Mike Foley), Lee began focusing on nutrition, and he just recently earned his certification in Sports Nutrition from NASM.

Lee is looking forward to helping people of all ages and body types move toward a healthier lifestyle. He'll offer group or one-on-one training. Whether you're a young athlete looking to increase speed and strength or an older person just hoping to look and feel better, Lee can help.

Phone: 207-956-2729
Email: xandaddy@gmail.com

Andrew Lorello

Andrew Lorello graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a sports medicine degree in health and fitness. He specializes in competition prep training, and he coaches the speed and strength school. Andrew loves working with athletes to push their bodies and help discover what they are capable of. When not training with clients, you can often find Andrew on the weight floor training or prepping for a competition himself.

IG: lorello_3l

Lisa Fasulo

Lisa Fasulo has been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She started as a high school athlete, and her love of fitness carried into adulthood. She is a competitive athlete and prides herself on her dedication to living a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Lisa tragically lost her son Nick a few years ago, which has changed her view on fitness completely. She is a strong believer that mental and physical health are closely intertwined, and that they are equally important. Lisa lives by the saying "Be Kind" and these experiences drive her to be the best version of herself each and every day. She looks to spread light, kindness, and joy with all of her clients.

At Foley's, Lisa does just about everything. She conducts personal and small group training, as well as spin, boot camp, and her new favorite "Bang-N-Booty" class. Lisa will push you hard in the gym, but she will make sure you have fun while she does it.

IG: mymomentnick
Phone: 781-808-6852
Email: get_fit2@yahoo.com

Ally Mackenzie

Ally Mackenzie was born with a love for fitness that was only expanded upon after competing in both college ice hockey and track & field. She believes in a strong correlation between physical fitness and mental health. She is studying for her bachelors in social work and plans to bring both physical fitness and mental health together. It is just as important to her that her clients are healthy mentally as they are physically.
Ally teaches spin and boot camp classes regularly at the gym. She offers one-on-one training as well as small group training. She loves working with any level of clients and will work with each individual's goals to create a plan unique and fitting to them. Ally is ACTION certified, AED & CPR, indoor cycling certified, and a behavioral health professional.

IG: ally.mackenzie2.0
Phone: 207-713-4912

Sakura Violette

In all the walks of life, it is safe to say Sakura has walked a few in her 25 years of living. Sakura was born in Hawaii and moved to Japan where she grew up most of her life, went to the University of Maine where she graduated with her undergraduate in Psychology and her Masters in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. She has been a personal trainer for over 6 years now, teaching in all domains of life. She interned and helped coach the D1 athletes, taught in three local gyms, taught CrossFit for 5 years, and worked as a Chiropractors Assistant, doing muscle work and prescribing stretches and nutrition advice. During her graduate career, she taught three college classes, all in the name of health and wellness. As far as her own physical pursuits, she has doven hard into powerlifting, crossfiting, and weightlifting. Her biggest achievement is winning first place at a National Powerlifting Meet held in Rhode Island where I squatted 310, benched 195 and deadlifted 400 at 141 pound body weight.
Sakura believes that her purpose, in all the walks of life she will be walking thus forth, is to make a difference and manifest love wherever life takes her. Whether this difference be the world or as small as making one soul smile or feel a moment of worth, she has accomplished her goal.
"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared"
- Buddha

IG: coachsakeezy
Phone: 207-907-9284

Myles Crawford

Myles has had a love for athletics from a very young age, but didn't find his niche until he started participating in MMA and wrestling when he was in high school. Here a solid foundation for the love of fitness, health, and competition was formed. Proper technique has always been a forethought, strongly reinforced by his particular appreciation for the art of Muay Thai. Later in college, he became obsessed with strength and muscle training and has not let go of the passion since. A regular at the gym, and always with a smile and positive attitude, Myles is excited to help propel others in their fitness endeavors. Be it very beginners to experienced athletes looking for the edge on their competition, Myles is ready to deliver top-notch training in strength, muscle building, and conditioning workouts. Myles is NASM certified and openly accepting new clients!

IG: mylespergallon
Phone: 207-756-0353

Pamela J. Bither

Pam knows how to make and keep fitness fun. As a nationally accredited personal trainer for 25+ years, Pam knows there is no single approach that works for everyone. She continues to educate herself to provide the most comprehensive program that complements each individual. Pam is a firm believer in strengthening to stay injury-free through balance and coordination. Her unique techniques of training have helped support her active lifestyle, from fitness competitions to running NY and Boston marathons numerous times to hiking the White Mountains to the Grand Canyon. Pam's knowledge of the human body shows in all her training sessions.
Pam is nationally accredited through AFAA Certified Health and Wellness Coach, certified KBC Kettlebell instructor in addition to BLS and AED certified.
"Be healthy be fit be you."

IG: pambither
Phone: 207-671-5304

Skip Robinson

Skip Robinson, a United States Marine Corps veteran, taught science, social studies, and health in the Portland Public School System for 34 years. He taught Weight Training and Health at the University of Southern Maine for 11 years, a course he designed to prepare students to become personal trainers. He served as a member of the Governor's Council On Fitness and Sports. Skip was a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifting Champion, with such titles as two time Mr. World and Mr. America class winner. With certifications as a Master Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and a Sports Nutritionist through ACE, AFAA, and AMFPT. Skip, is certified to work with all levels from novice to professionals. With over 50 years of experience in the fitness field, his passion for fitness burns brighter than ever and he is driven to help everyone-especially you-to achieve fitness goals in mind, body, and spirit.

IG: skip_robinson
Phone: 207-318-6757
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